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Reducing transport damage to a minimum

Optimized protection

turtle for optimized transport protection
montara packaging and material handling systems help you to reduce transport damage to a minimum. Optimized transport protection against external forces and destruction (breaking & abrasion points), weather conditions (moisture, UV light, etc.), dust and theft. This protection shall be guaranteed throughout the entire transport and storage cycle. This applies for the entire service life of re-usable packaging, frequently over several years. The optimized protection of transported goods therefore also means protection against unnecessary resource consumption. Optimum protection is also demonstrated in:

  • secure storage during transport (export and internally)
  • packaging strength due to high-quality plastics
  • the fact that nearly all packaging can be fitted with ESD protection (anti-static) devices

Just as the shell of a turtle encloses all its vital organs and body regions, our packaging and material handling systems will protect your product. The turtle also represents the longevity of our packaging systems.