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Minimized handling

Lobster for minimized handling
The integration of packaging into production processes can simplify handling considerably. Minimized handling ensures the shortest possible production times and enables customer-oriented production, even in regions with high labour costs.

By means of simple handling, parts are loaded and removed correctly and quickly, and empty containers are rapidly erected or collapsed. Packaging is designed to be robust and moveable using lift trucks, lifting devices and by hand. However, in the process, it should also have as low a net weight (tare, German: tara) as possible. Recyclability and reparability must also be ensured.

The high requirements of automobile construction with its multiple part organizer system and delivery in small containers can be met by our stackable boxes (tara box, tara box medium, tara box light) and our storage trays (tara tray).

Special handling requirements on the assembly line are met by our shelving systems (tara shelf) , sequence containers (tara seq) and modular large load carriers (LLC) with flexible interior components (tara cube).

Simple handling is demonstrated by, among other things:
  • the simple assembly of load carriers
  • the quick removal of parts from the assembly line or incoming goods
  • space-saving storage due to the stackability of load carriers

The lobster is a creature that is difficult to instruct or train. Therefore our claim is: our packaging and multiple part organizer should be intuitive for anybody to use. This symbol also represents the simple but effective motor skills that claws are capable of.