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Packing density optimisation saves transport costs and protects the environment

Maximized packing density

Honeycomb for maximized packing density
A maximized packing density reduces your transport and procurement costs for load carriers! This means reduced freight volumes, especially when exchanging goods on a global level, since means of transport, such as sea containers, can hold a maximum number of parts. Environmental impacts are reduced due to lower CO2 emissions, as well as reduced noise and smell. Internally, a reduced number of movements is also helpful for line feeding, and thus for the prevention of errors. The volume of empty containers can also be minimized. Maximimized packing density results in:
  • more parts in a load carrier
  • the efficient usage of space
  • consistent logistics costs while carrying more parts

The honeycomb with its hexagonal form is known to be most economical. It is characterised by making the best possible use of the capacities of the loading space. Furthermore, besides the lowest possible material costs, the greatest possible stability is also achieved at the same time.