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We would be happy to help you overcome capacity bottlenecks in your production!


Contract waterjet cutting

3D waterjet system
Waterjet cutting has been well-established for several years. Extremely precise cutting contours with the smallest possible cutting gap widths make this process successful. A wide range of materials can be cut without changes in temperature, using pure water or abrasive water jet processes.

In addition to stone, steel, ceramics, wood and plastics, composite materials are also easily processed.

The 5-axis cutting heads are the special feature of our systems. We can cut three-dimensional contours using 2 cutting heads simultaneously. Our 2000x4000 mm working surface also enables large workpieces to be machined.

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Contract strip punching

Fully-automated strip punches
Fully-automated strip punches
For 20 years our company has been using various punching technologies to produce packaging. Thus, flat and stiff semi-finished products such as corrugated cardboard, PP hollow chambers and foam boards are machined on punching platens. High-volume foams with a material thickness of 50 mm or more are machined on beam cutting presses.

With our new strip punching machines, we can punch rolled goods in up to 4 positions at the same time. We offer you "contract punching", with the fully-automated feeding of boards and blocks.

The highest possible cutting precision and beam pressure with up to 300 t on a punching area of 2400x1600 mm with an enormous output rate provide a solid foundation for cost-effective solutions.


We are happy to tailor solutions for you, carry out gluing work using rollers or nozzles, use ultrasonic welding technology and take care of material procurement, storage and scheduling. An experienced team of 2D and 3D designers provides technical support.