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Waterjet cutting

Waterjet cutting technology

In waterjet cutting, the material to be machined is cut by means of a high-pressure waterjet. The waterjet has a pressure of up to 4000 bar and an exit speed of 1000 m/s.

Our waterjet cutting center has a 4000x2000 mm working surface and two 5-axis cutting heads.
Using this technology, we can cut complex 3D contours.

The material selected determines which cutting technique is used. Two cutting techniques are distinguished.

Pure water
In the case of pure water cutting, only water is used in the cutting process.
Soft materials such as rubber, foam, insulating material, sealing material, etc., can also be cut using this technique.
The advantage of this cutting technique is that the cutting gap can be kept very narrow (0.15mm-0.8mm).

Abrasive water cutting
In the case of abrasive water cutting, a fine abrasive material is added to the waterjet in a mixing chamber. Even the hardest materials such as steel, aluminum, plastics, natural stone, glass, ceramics, composite materials, etc., can be cut using this process.

We will perform the contract cutting of plastics, metal, stone, glass and other materials up to a thickness of 100mm for you.

Advantages of waterjet cutting
  • Practically any material can be cut
  • Virtually no mechanical, thermal or chemical stress on the workpiece
  • High cutting surface quality
  • Contact-free cutting
  • Complex contours can be cut
  • Low material loss
  • Cutting speed doubled on account of the two cutting heads