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tara box

Heavy duty stackable reusable box

  • Stackable
  • Individual customer-specific sizes and inserts 
  • Made from PP hollow-cell plates and structure-cell plates
  • Can be manufactured without tooling costs
  • ESD (Electrostatic Discharge)

Reusable stackable boxes, made from hollow-cell or structure cell plates, with stacking profile, interlocking stacking corners, reinforced, low-wear corner profiles.

Stackable boxes with edge lengths of 200 cm or longer can be manufactured. The means of construction ensures an extremely high usage volume with exceptional stacking strength. A variety of part-specific accessory options are available for the secure transport of highly sensitive goods.

Areas of application

Heavy duty stackable reusable box tara box Detail tara box Detail Stacking
tara box Detail inside corner tara box detail single corner tara box Detail mit tara sep Gefach
tara box with cover tara box with cover tara box for roof rack
tara box with toothed strips tara box detail handle bar tara box detail front