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FachPack 18

FachPack 2018 in Nuremberg

Also in 2018 montara was again an exhibitor at the FachPack in Nuremberg. From the 25th of September till the 27th of September 2018...
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Reduce logistics costs with our intelligent packaging and material handling systems

Tailored solutions, produced using high-performance machinery.

One-way or reusable packaging? Ultimately, this is a question of cost effectiveness. The end result is always a solution tailored for you, sometimes even for a valuable individual piece. There is also ready-made, perfect-fit packaging, which encloses the product like a protective hand. Our recipe for success: the interplay of creativity, knowledge of materials, modern machinery and years of expert development experience.

Packaging and material handling systems for the automobile industry

Reusable stackable box with all-round stacking profile large load carrier Steel load carrier, sequence rack, textile divider  tablett tray hohlkammer hkp scheinwerfer mehrweg-verpackung bmw Reusable stackable box with all-round stacking profile

Packaging and material handling systems for devices technology

Foam padding for devices packaging assembled packaging made of corrugated cardboard 3D water blasted toothed strip made from foam case insert tara case Foam padding

Outbound or inbound - we optimise logistics processes!

From the supplier to the assembly line - worldwide

Outbound or inbound, it's really a question of perspective! Outbound usually means the flow of goods to the customer from the shipper's perspective. Incoming goods and distribution within production on the recipient's premises is usually called the inbound flow of goods. We handle all aspects of the logistics process whether you are a shipper or recipient.

We offer a wide range of different pallet systems to match the size of the container or lorry. We follow these specifications to develop packaging and handling systems which are appropriate to the quantities and routes involved in the production process. We bring economics and sustainability together in harmony.

Palettensysteme und Verpackungen für LKW Mega-Trailer Container-Schiff Palettensysteme und Verpackungen für See-Container CKD SKD Palettensysteme und Verpackungen für Eisenbahn Güterzug Frachtflugzeug Inbound Intralogistik Automobilindustrie Ladungsträger

Maximum packing density

Maximum quantities in the smallest space - that is our ambition!

Supported by intelligent 3D computer software (CATIA V5, AutoCAD), we are able to place bulky components in the most effective packaging. This benefits everyone¬ from the manufacturer to the customer, via the employees who do the packing and unpacking, even right to the assembly line. The environment also benefits, as we reduce the amount of haulage and shipping traffic. Using new material combinations and techniques, we will always find the best possible utilisation of space – every extra item saves logistics costs!
Find out more about our maxim "maximum packing density"

Optimum transport protection

We protect what you produce!

After liaising with you in detail, we test possible packaging systems, materials and placement based on the sensitivity of the package. Our modular system of tara products enables us to find the optimum solution for you, taking your production and logistics processes into consideration, as well as the specific budget.
Find out more about our maxim "optimum transport protection"

Minimal handling

Making cuts where it makes sense – to your assembly times!

Products are securely placed in easily-accessible drawers. Compartments and records are numbered to ensure the correct order is maintained. Interchangeable shelves and fixings contribute to optimisation. Ergonomically designed containers enable parts to be removed inside the vehicle.
Find out more about our maxim "minimal handling"

We process high-quality materials for our products

A selection

Trilaminat-Leichtbauplatten (LP) Triplex 10/2000 grau Trilaminat-Leichtbauplatte (LP) Triplex 3/1000 ESD schwarz Trilaminat-Leichtbauplatten (LP) Triplex 5/1500 blau PP-HK 3,5/800 natur PP-HK 3/680 ESD
PP-HK 4/1000 blue Kibo PP-HK X-Profil 10/2000 natur PP foam blue 3mm HDPE foam yellow 10mm Tekalen confetti 10mm
Alveo white 3mm Alveo NT17 anthracite 5mm Alveo NT25 anthracite 10mm Plastazote LD29 anthracite XPE 45 anthracite
XPE 33 green laminierter PE-Schaum RG30 rosa antistatisch laminierter PE-Klappschaum RG30 weiß PU Noppenschaum 30/10 mm
montara Verpacken mit System GmbH