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Environmental responsibility


Packaging is strongly associated with awareness of environmental sustainability. And, although with industrial packaging there are no excesses when it comes to the relationship between the packaging and the packaged goods, we feel especially committed to reducing the impact on the environment:

Reliable protection
Protection from destruction and damage and thus from unnecessary use of resources

Simple handling
Ensures the shortest production times and enables consumer-oriented production, even in regions with intensive salary expenses

High packing density
Enables the exchange of goods on a global level by allowing means of transport such as sea containers to transport the maximum possible parts quantities, thus reducing energy consumption for transport

schaumpresse Recycling
Furthermore, available raw materials are processed responsibly in order to conserve scarce environmental resources. We operate a shredder to crush and reprocess polypropylene plastic waste.
Schaum gepresst Recyclingprodukt
The regrind is sent back to the manufacturer to be re-used. We maintain a foam press for non-cross-linked foams. The pressed bales of foam are also sent back to the manufacturer to be re-used.