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FachPack 2018 in Nuremberg

Also in 2018 montara was again an exhibitor at the FachPack in Nuremberg. From the 25th of September till the...

FachPack 2018 Nuremberg

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We will be there again - at the FachPack 2018! Visit us from 25th - 27th September 2018 in hall 07/booth 153....

Two product innovations on Fachpack 2013 in Nuremburg (Germany)

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One-way and reusable packaging and material handling systems for vehicle parts

Reliably fixed, as if held by an assured hand, parts are transported for the automobile industry. Parts containers of various sizes, lengths and arrangements, cut using dies, waterjets, compression or CNC, form the basis of secure transport from suppliers to assembly plants and to the manufacturers of the end product (OEMs).
Sequenzgestell Sequenzbehälter Scheinwerfer Stahl-Ladungsträger mit Stapelboxen Stapelbox Mehrwegbox mit umlaufendem Stapelprofil und Teileaufnahme Stapelbox Mehrwegbox Warenkorb mit umlaufendem Stapelprofil  tablett tray hohlkammer hkp scheinwerfer mehrweg-verpackung bmw
We produce packaging for fragile and sensitive surfaces and components, which fix parts securely in place: optimized protection with a maximized packing density and minimized handling is our primary objective.

We save where it is appropriate: in your assembly times. Products are positioned securely. Numbered compartments ensure the correct order. Ergonomically designed containers enable parts to be removed in the vehicle. The high requirements of automobile construction with its shopping cart system and delivery in small containers can be easily met.