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montara North America Corporation Earns Multi-Million Dollar Contract to Package Parts for BMW


montara North America Corporation has been awarded a contract for over $2 million from BMW. Under the terms of the contract, montara North America Corporation will be producing durable packaging solutions for over 20 different car parts, manufactured by over 10 different BMW tier one parts suppliers for BMW in the U.S. and Canada.

The CEO of montara North America, Christoph Dimer, based in Siebenlehn, Germany has close ties to German officials at the VW Auto Group, chose Chattanooga when founding his new business in the US in late 2010. He did so with the understanding that they would support him in his new venture. They did just that, montara NAC has been an integral part in packaging for VW and its suppliers both for and since the launch of the new Passat being produced in Chattanooga. As that trusted relationship continues to grow, BMW, only about 3 and a half hours east in Greer, SC, has taken notice and decided to test the capabilities of the fledgling company. In a bold move to gain additional big business from one of the other German “Big 3”, the young management team at montara quoted the BMW opportunity as if it already had a couple of large industrial machines which they would need to complete the job. The tactic proved itself to be successful and the company was able to use this order to secure investments for a large receding head hydraulic press, as well as a hot melt laminating machine.

Along with the ESKO plotter, thermal benders, hot-air welders, glue machine and others, the new machines greatly increase montara’s capabilities, capacity, efficiency, and market competitiveness, and enables them to do so whether working on jobs with very high or significantly lower volume. montara can now flexibly create many new varieties of dunnage or custom boxes from different raw materials which help them produce products that accomplish the following objectives for their clients: high package density, minimal handling and reliable protection.

The new large contract and the investment with the new machines have enabled montara to increase its production staff in Chattanooga alone by 5 times. The company has recently instituted a 2nd shift and may soon add a 3rd shift as well if other opportunities with the Japanese and American auto manufacturers materialize as quickly anticipated. All of this growth of montara NAC and their partner company, Paul Mueller, which fabricates all of montara’s steel racks, can be luckily organized by building a new assembly plant and warehouse on their double lot in the Pilot Point Drive, just 2 miles down the road from the VW plant. With the automotive business being on the uptick, it looks like their growing can proceed and new jobs for skilled workers will be offered.

montara NAC also has produced packaging for the appliance and electronic device manufacturing industries and is located at 3737 Pilot Point Drive near the intersection of Hwy 153 and Bonny Oaks.

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