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ACOD workshop: Intralogistics - not just for OEMs


Guests at montara in Siebenlehn

  ACOD workshop intralogistics for OEMs
Cluster spokesman Dr. Lutz Meyer, Managing Director of Schnellecke Sachsen GmbH, and ACOD Managing Director, Dietmar Bacher, welcomed more than 25 potential customers to montara's headquarters in Siebenlehn.

After Christoph Dimer, Managing Director of montara GmbH, had presented the production facilities and exhibition centre in Siebenlehn, Christian Höpner, Managing Director of tarakos GmbH, spoke on the topic "How can logistics systems and processes be efficiently planned for the digital factory using 3D software tools?"

Martin Lange from Paul Müller Transport- und Verpackungsmittel GmbH presented another intralogistics topic - "wagon-in-wagon tugger trains". Christian Schulz of Trilogiq Deutschland GmbH went a step further, presenting the driverless transport system MOVE.

Florian Drechsler from the Professorship of Material Handling Technology at Chemnitz University of Technology discussed logistical challenges from a research perspective.
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